A note to share a special something with you…

“Hi Hollie,

matryoshkaI just wanted to write you a note to share a special something with you.

I know you have talked about how when we heal ourselves we not only pay it forward the generations but we heal back also. I have always been skeptical about it healing backwards. You know I am passionate about making changes in growing girls to women and this especially has been important for me with my relationship with my daughter.

I also would deeply love all women to feel the support and love of women’s circle to nourish and empower them. But often I feel like I am that odd family member or friend, and that’s why the community of women you have created through Red Tent has meant so much to me. Reassuring I am not alone and to help me travel further on my path. Anyway, I digress.

mumsuperpowerSo I can see so many positives in my daughter from spending time in women’s space. Interestingly and the point of the message is how its changed my mum! She has always not enjoyed the company of women but this has been changing. She recently phoned me, and its like all the pieces have been falling into place for her and amazingly we were able to connect and talk on a level as never before. She was so appreciative of the path I had taken already, especially for the daughters of our family. So now I believe how doing this work can change and heal in all directions.

Thanks for being here at this time Hollie. You continue to inspire me.”

~Belinda, Canberra, Australia

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