Five Elements of Self Crafted Wellness

a map for Self Crafting

The Self Crafted Wellness Protocol is founded upon 5 Elements. When the themes of the elements are successfully integrated, optimal health expression can occur.

Balancing the 5 Elements of Wellness ensures health is reflected into your everyday life. The best cure for disease is to be Well. Being Well means maintaining Wholebody Wellness for a long and enjoyable life.


5 Elements of Self Crafted Wellness

The 5 elements are foundations of an integrated map for Self Crafted Wellness. Stemming from these foundations are five pillars of health. Only when the elemental foundation is strong, will there be potential for the pillar to rise as a sturdy, stable and secure source of health.

Balancing all five elements means that you have five balanced health pillars holding up the true expression of Optimal You. Self Crafting your Wellness everyday is the key to a long and happy life.


The 5 Health Pillars of Self Crafted Wellness

Rising from the foundational elements are the pillars for health. An individual who balances all five pillars has ease in Being Well.

The 5 Pillars are

  • mental health
  • environmental health
  • emotional health
  • physical health
  • spiritual health

Self Crafting your Wellness everyday, is the key to a long and happy life.


What if I focus on just one Element?

To have balanced Wellness, it is important to realise that all 5 Elements are equal in importance. There’s no one part that can be focused on as the key to health.

An example of this is seen in our culture’s obsession with diet or exercise. People who eat “the perfect diet” can still be unhappy. People who meditate all day and wear white, and do yoga, can spend every night awake with insomnia and have horrendous mood swings.

Wellness is an integrated weaving, that requires regular maintenance and attention through self care.


If it’s all important, why are there sections?

We sectionalise the Wellness map so as to find where we are giving much attention and not enough. Looking at the themes of each elements, and noticing where you focus (or not) your attention can be serve as an educational tool for knowing our own individual Wellness better.


Self Crafted Wellness

Nutrition refers to your relationship with all that enters and exits your body. Themes include food, breath and detox potential. The nutrition element supports the pillar for mental health. When you have clarity in your body, you will have clarity in your mind.

Self Crafted Wellness

Light refers to your relationship with the sun and the moon. Themes include the light cycles and spectrum, day and night, and the seasons. The light element supports the pillar for environmental health. When you have awareness of your cycles you will be in alignment with your surroundings.

Self Crafted Wellness

Flow refers to your relationship with all streams in and through your body. Themes include fluid and blood circulation, water and menstrual cycle. The flow element supports the emotional pillar for health. When you have ease in your body you will have grace in your feeling.

Self Crafted Wellness

Movement refers to your relationship with the Earth. Themes include magnetism, structure and form, and the realm of “exercise”. The movement element supports the emotional pillar for physical health. When you are stable in your body you will show up stable in the world.

Self Crafted Wellness

Rhythm refers to your relationship with the Self. Themes include your relationship with the Planetary Community including other people, animals and plants as well as who you Be in the world. The rhythm element supports the spiritual pillar for health. When you know yourself, you are home, and life is filled with joyful, quality experiences.


Self Crafted Wellness Journal


Using the 5 Elements of Self Crafted Wellness in your daily life

My book Self Crafted Wellness Journal is an active journey in the 5 Elements.

To find out where your 5 Elements are unbalanced, get a 5 Point Check in your Session.



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