Self Crafting is defined as being the artisan of one’s own reality… which includes all aspects, all layers, all levels of your reality.

The Rhythm of Life is a map for Self Crafting where we take layers of our own reality and witness how they filter through our life to create the ebb and flow of all things that exist. When we are in rhythm with this flow, it is easy to enact our Big Wild Dreams. The Rhythm of Life map has layers for the cycles of nature, personal phases, our physical body and all other things in nature. All the layers meet in a central axis that reflects our own personal vision.

The five elements are foundations of an integrated map for Self Crafted Wellness. Stemming from these foundations are the five pillars of health. Only when the elemental foundation is strong, will there be potential for the pillar to rise as a sturdy, stable and secure source of health. Balancing all five elements means that you have five balanced health pillars holding up the true expression of optimal You. Self Crafting your Wellness everyday, is the key to a long and happy life.

And here, we are meeting the layer of the map I call Wellness, made up of the five elements of : Wellness.

Wellness is a process that builds on itself. It has no quick fixes. There is no pill to take; no diet you can follow, no person who can give you all the answers. It’s about understanding and then working with the foundational principles that built human bodies over the past 150,000 years (evolution).

Wellness is the result of relating to the Rhythm of Life inside and out. It’s an activation within our deep Self : our body and “soul”.

Every one of us has our own, unique, individual journey to optimal wellness, based on the fundamentals of Being Human. The five elements are a blueprint to achieving balanced, long lasting health mentally, emotionally, physically, environmentally and spiritually.

After an epic journey of being very unwell (you can read more about that here), I’ve come out the other side, and, having used it myself to get so much better so much quicker, I feel confident that the Rhythm of Life formula is the key to optimal wellness. And from that formula, I’ve developed 52 check points that build Wellness.

The 52 points are NOT about restrictions and dogma. There’s already enough of that in the world of health and fitness. Rather, the 52 points can be thought of as a directive from your ancestors : the love letter your great x100 wild ancestor left you to explain the best way to treat your human body.

All of us have/had wild ancestors who totally embodied the Rhythm of Life (they didn’t need to draw a map to understand it!) and all of us have the same ability to replicate the conditions that make humans well. It’s helpful to re-member to return to the natural state of who we are, ignore what we’ve been told, and let our bodies find their own answers.

That’s Self Crafting. Every choice you make crafts the person you become. They are your choices, crafting your Self.

How many Wellness Points will you score today?

To get your own copy of the 52 points for Wellness download here >>>


“Your body is precious.

It is our vehicle for awakening.

Treat it with care.”

~ Gautama Buddha

If the 52 points appeal to you, and you’d like to know more about planning this way of living into your everyday routines, you might like to check out my Wellness offerings :

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