40 Day Planner Challenge

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Get in Rhythm with your Lunation Annual Planner

Turbo boost your Sacred Productivity

Make your Big Wild Dreams real

Starts Monday 17th February

A free program to help you get the most out of your Rhythm
In response to the cyclical reality of life, I created the Lunation Annual Planner to meet my requirements for Sacred Productivity and R.E.b.E.L life. Other people liked the idea. She’s now in the 5th year of publication and has danced away with hundreds of people…

When she’s used well, the Planner changes lives and makes Magick. But if you never open her, if you don’t spend time with her, don’t take advantage of the carefully laid out program inside these mysterious pages, she can’t work her Magick…

And still she will wait for you, sitting quietly on your bench top or desk, whispering about Big Wild Dreams and healthy habits, and success…

It says right on the back cover : “for busy people who desire to create a life that sets you free.” You’re busy. Are you also prioritising the creation of a life that sets you free?

If you’d like to, perhaps you want to sign up for the 40 Day Planner Challenge to get in Rhythm with your Lunation Annual Planner..?

Could you trade 10-20 minutes each day, for 40 days, to spend a little time with me (online)and your Planner, to turbo boost your Sacred Productivity and make your Big Wild Dreams real..?

Oh, too bad!

The Planner Challenge is closed for registration.

You’ll have to wait til next time.

Be sure to join the mailing list so you know when it’s back!


Video Transcript

I’m Hollie from the Institute Self Crafting, creator of the Lunation Annual Planner and up-and-coming 40 Day Planner Challenge.

Forty days sounds like a lot, but wait! It’s only 10 or 20 minutes a day; that’s including watching the video and then doing the thing, and it’s going to help you create a future that you have only dreamed of.

The Lunation Annual planner was the diary that I made because I was sick of having different sheets of paper and different journals everywhere. And it has brought in all of the science around habit forming and goal setting and producing in-flow and with with choices in your life that you really desire to have – even the Big Wild Dreams that you think that you will never get to. That’s what the Lunation Annual Planner does for people – helps you get to those Big Wild Dreams.

It’s a pretty simple process. Step one, decide what you want. Step two, follow what’s already on the pages – just do the thing that it says there – you don’t need anything else. You don’t need to go anywhere else. You just stick with your plan for a few minutes a day. Do the thing. Quitting is not the option. And then step three is repeat. So work out what you want. Follow the process. And as you go through the full cycle of the month or the lunar cycle, you get to touch base with all of the points in creating or turning your Vision into a reality.

So at the start of the moon cycle, the new moon, you’re setting intentions, you’re planting seeds and thinking about the things that you want for your future. And then the process happens so that you’re actually building on that. You’re activating it – it’s not just like a vision board where you get to like paint a pretty picture and put it out to the universe and it happens. The Annual Planner actually teaches you to take those steps to build and grow whatever it is that you’re dreaming of. And then by the time you get to the full moon, so just two weeks later, you’re checking in, you’re reprioritising, you’re focusing, anything that might have gone a little off stray. You’re you know, having the chance to then set up for reflection.. well first harvesting, harvesting and noticing what it is that you have produced so far and then reflecting on what worked, what didn’t work. And this is all in your pages as you go through. All you’re doing is turning a page each day and doing the next thing.

And so by the time that you get back around to that next new moon – 28 or 29 days later, you’ve been able to see the full progress of the things that you said that you wanted. You’ve been able to say whether or not you did the things that you said you wanted and you actually also get some time to rest and recover and recuperate from that.

This is about sacred productivity, which is the opposite of like being busy for busy’s sake, sacred productivity, noise that there isn’t a single outcome or group of outcomes that you’re after and you’re going to consciously and productively work towards those outcomes with Grace, with flow and being in the flow of the Rhythm the whole way through.

The Planner is different to other diaries in the sense that, firstly it’s not linear. It doesn’t have lines where you can write stuff down. Each page is a round circle and it matches with the cycle – what I teach about the Rhythm of Life, or what I call the Map for Self Crafting. So when we work in flow with nature and Her cycles, we’re actually working with the natural flow of the cycle rather than going against the energy of the universe around us.

So all that’s built into the Planner. The 40 Day Challenge is 40 days so that you get to do that whole lunar cycle and have a bit of time on either end of it, to do the other parts that are in the Planner. Like, setting your actual Vision, having a look at what your Mission Statement is, imagining all the things that you would like to create. What are my 50 Biggest, Wildest Dreams? They could be the most ridiculous, preposterous ideas, or they could be things that are almost in your reach.

But having time within that 40 Day Challenge to get all that down on paper, in your Planner, having a look at the Blessings that you have. There’s no point just going for the Big Wild Dreams. What is it that I already have that’s awesome and that I’m grateful for? Looking at what you want to read, what you want to create…

All of that happens in the first few days of the Challenge and I will step you through all of the process to do that. You’re never on your own. You’ve got full support all the way through. We’ve also got a Facebook group for further support, other than the videos that you’ll be getting every day.

In the Challenge, you can choose either to receive each day through your email or you can just have it on the Facebook group and go in there when you would like to. The videos will be there. Any links that are associated with those days will be connected there, so you can go really deep or you can just touch the surface. But whatever you invest into it in terms of your time and energy is how much that’s going to be produced toward your Big Wild Dreams at the end of it.

It’s pretty easy and it’s free. By the way, did I mention it’s free?
The Planner Challenge is free for now, but it won’t be forever. You know how this stuff works. So check it out wherever you’ve just found this video.

And I hope I see you in the Planner Challenge group. And I would love to find out what you are going to create in this time and what you’ll Big Wild Dreams become.

Love you,

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