ceremony“Hiya Hollie,

Thank you for all that you did at the Australian Goddess Conference 2013 and for the generous spirit you approached everything with. Clan Guide, Facilitator, holding sacred space, your opening poem and the reading of the story of Bronwyn were all HUGE parts of Into the Wild and I am so grateful for your presence and support at Conference.

Australian Goddess Conference 2013I also really want to thank you for your workshop, I had been carrying a deep sadness and hurt and I had a huge shift and can feel that stagnate energy be released and I now feel (to sound corny) reborn in some way…a renewal, a shedding of old skin…my creativity has been flowing freely again…it was a life changing experience for me…I am truly grateful.

I feel so blessed to know you and look forward to staying connected. You are such a beautiful soul.
Thankyou very much.”

~Dani Cooper, Desert Moon Dancers, Australia

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