hollie.midwinterHow can I be a contribution to you?

I’m available for consultation in person or via phone.

I offer tools to help you live the authentic life you’ve always dreamed of. We take the world you imagine and empower you to turn that into a reality!


What does a consult with Hollie B. look like? 

You can think me as a Lifestylist for R.E.b.E.L.s.

We can look at any area of your life, follow the energy and take a journey into your inner landscape to help you clear whatever is in your way to becoming everything you want to Be.

I facilitate you to acknowledge your own point of view and give you
the tools to make the change you need, to Be the
contribution you came to this planet to Be.

tarot3And whatever else happens around that is part of the fun!

Contact me directly for a booking.

Private Session Rates

Bars Session 45 minutes $60.00 (first session)

Bars Session 45 minutes $45.00 (ongoing irregular sessions)

Bars Session 45 minutes $40.00 (five weekly sessions $200)

Breakthrough Session Half Hour   $70.00

Breakthrough Session One Hour   $120.00

Breakthrough Session Two Hour   $200.00



Person-to-person, Skype or Phone Consultations available

One-on-one or couples also available

For enquiries or to make a booking:

e    connect@instituteforselfcrafting.com



I facilitate group sessions for Women and Girls.

The Red Tent is Sacred Space for Women to enjoy the Journey of Womanhood.

It’s a Space where Women may come to enjoy the authentic Self.

Red Tent Circles for Women and Girls are held monthly at The Place in The Wilde, Mongarlowe, NSW, Australia. See the calendar for more details.

Join us in the picturesque Australian bush forest setting, in a hut built by women, from materials of the land.


I’m available to conduct your Ceremony.

A Ceremony is the marking of an event in a sacred manner. It is a conscious intention of energy and honouring of a specific time in one’s life.

In my work I’ve had the pleasure of facilitating sacred space for ceremonies that honour birth, first blood, union, the changing seasons of nature and Self and endings / end-of-life. It is special work, and humbling as I get to know the family and the individuals involved in marking the sacred time.

Any special event you choose to make sacred can be a ceremony. We will meet prior to your ceremony to discuss your thoughts and inspirations around your event. Then we’ll consult up to your ceremony day, so that your event will be everything you want it to Be.

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