A download pack for connecting to the energy and power of the Red Threads – ie. Women. Includes:

All Units at the Institute contain an Audio version of any workbooks, as well as audio (.mp3) for the Visioning to enable you to go into the shamanic realms with ease.



  • Guided Meditation for connecting to the Red Threads
  • Hollie B.’s ‘Red Threads’ download pack for connecting with your blood line, all the way back to the first woman…
  • Inspirations for monthly work to honour your connection
  • A workbook of Red Threads : so that you may connect with your Woman Self in a meaningful way no matter who is around
  • A spell for connecting with the Red Threads
  • Red Tent Reflection Journal for reflection and growth.


Note : Only current members may access the exercises and lessons in this Unit. If You are already a member, you will have received a password for protected pages in your welcome pack. Please contact the Institute Office if you are unable to locate your password.

Enter Unit #1 :

Red Tent for connecting to the Red Threads



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