Self Crafting Optimal Wellness

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The Self Crafting Optimal Wellness online course will go live for November, 2017.

It is an in-depth guided journey through the 52 points of Wellness.

Includes video, audio, digital and email content. This program follows the same 52 check points of the Self Crafted Wellness Journal, with information for further research (scientific data, links to interviews, etc.) and examples of how I’ve made these points work in my own busy, everyday life.

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  • 52 points of Wellness article (the basis of the Self Crafted Wellness Journal). Read online >>>.
  • Self Crafted Wellness Journal – launches 23rd July at The Hierophant in Canberra. Go here>>> for more details.
  • My personal healing story. How I went from a scene from the television show House MD to finding my own way to being healthier than ever before. Read online >>>.
  • What would the ancestors do? philosophy. The basis for my Wellness program. Read more online >>>.
  • Rhythm of Wellness six week course – starts at The Hierophant in Canberra in August. Go here>>>.





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