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Will you share your experience of grief, loss and sorrow as an adult who did not receive formal rites of passage for the passage from childhood to adulthood?

I’m currently wiring a paper with the working title :
Liminal Grief Without Rites Of Passage in Modern Culture.

My name is Hollie B. and I’m a writer and therapist with an interest in how the lived human experience integrates with nature’s rhythms to emerge as varied states of wellness.

Rites Of Passage are defined as a three-part process which may be subdivided into (preliminal) rites of separation, (liminal_ transition rites, and (postliminal) rites of incorporation. In this paper I’m working from the premise that cultures where Rites Of Passage are not formally signified, result in adults who experience unnamed experiences of sorrow, loss and grief throughout adulthood. In academia, this is also known as ‘disenfranchised grief.’

Therefore, adults are held in a liminal state of sadness, most often unrecognised, unable to process to integration. The result of this unarticulated feeling of loss and sorrow may be all manner of illness and disease.

In my work with hundreds of women in Australia, I’ve witnessed a shared expression of loss and grief when women recognise the missing stages of Rites of Passage in their own development. This will often be heard as feeling “as though a part of me is missing,” or “I don’t know who I am.” Other common responses include “If only I’d had that,” and “Imagine how different everything would be if we had all grown up knowing we had cultural value.”

However, there is no research documentation or published literature informing this broad grief. Sadness and sorrow in relation to the specific lived experience of missing out on formal Rites of Passage has not yet been published in the literature. My paper aims to contribute to a growing body of literature responding to important research for members of colonialised societies, with the despair and sorrow of being orphans to witnessing and integration of adulthood.

As supporting evidence for my paper, I’m seeking the written experiences of self-reflective, real humans who are able to articulate this grief/sorrow in some way. You may write as much or as little as suits you. Even a “here here” counts as support to the ideas behind this work. Inflammatory comments will be removed.

A link to this post will be provided as an Appendix in the paper. No quotations will be used directly.

Please share to any adult who will speak to this experience. JUST BE SURE TO LEAVE COMMENTS ON THIS ORIGINAL POST SO THAT DATA STAYS TOGETHER. To ensure you are on the original post, click on the date/time under my name and it will open the original.

I appreciate your time and effort. The paper will be published at this page in late October, along with any future research on this topic :

Love you,

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