Do you want all the benefits of R.E.b.E.L. Membership at the Institute?

Free Courses, discounted events, online cosmic breakthroughs…. and whatever else I come up with in between!

Membership at the Institute for Self Crafting is an annual fee that gives you access to all the Member goodies.

That means :

  • All 25 Units in Turtle labyrinth : FREE
  • And everything else still coming
  • Discounts to face-to-face events
  • Special Member Only events throughout the year

So, for your Members price, you’re receiving over $2000 worth of awesome, and you can come and go when you need it.

Hang on, what’s a R.E.b.E.L.?? See here >>>

Memberships renew annually. You will be sent an email reminder when it is time to renew.

For more info go to instituteforselfcrafting/institute

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