How to hear the Real Voice of your Infinite Self

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Dear heart, I’ve just launched the Cosmic Breakthrough Sessions (finally) and I’m really stoked to be able to share this with You.

I’m now offering Cosmic Breakthrough Sessions to EVERYONE. This Work has previously only ever been offered to ongoing clients and close friends because the Work we do in a Cosmic Breakthrough Session is farrrking HUGE. It’s deep and raw and like nothing else. I’ve done it with lots of Women, but never actually ‘formally’ offered it as a product here on this Site. It’s always been more of a, “Here’s another one – Let’s go deep” kind of thing with individual Women when the time was right.

And then last month’s Red Tent happened. There were five Women at the May Red Tent – including me! I was in the ‘OMG stress – nobody is going to show up blah blah blah‘ thing that I seem to slip into sometimes in such situations but I kicked that voice’s butt and held the Circle anyway. I knew that the Women who were coming were Awesome and I love spending time with them, so I just went ahead – even if it was simply to have a nice night with Awesome Women.

But something way bigger than the five of us happened that night. I should probably preface this little story with “I always follow my Cosmic direction in Circle” because I really do, even when I’m not sure where it’s leading us. This month, with such a small group, it led me to Deep, and that’s where we went. I led that Circle down, deep, raw, Real and those Women opened and shifted and BROKE FREE of some really old yukky limits. It was a long process (like we didn’t leave until after midnight yah!) and we all ‘should’ have been tired at the end. But I wasn’t. I was elated.

That Circle lit up the spark that I’ve been pushing down for quite a while. It reminded me why I do this Work with Women! This is the stuff that fills my cup. I love watching those huge shifts, letting go, breaking free, when a Woman finally steps into the Cosmic Being that She Really, Authentically is. It excites the shit out of me! It makes me want to do more.

So on the long drive home (yep, Winter country roads after midnight – but it was so worth it) I asked mySelf, “Why aren’t I getting more of this kind of Work if it’s really what I enjoy doing.” And of course – You already know what I’m going to say don’t You! The answer came loud and clear:

“Because You haven’t put it out there Woman!”

And – well – to cut a really long and back-and-forth-kind-of-story short – what I knew even from that moment was that the “putting it out there” was never about putting the product out there. It was entirely about Me putting my Big Me out there. I’ve had parts of the information for the Sessions written up for months and saved in my drafts – but they just haven’t made it to the big screen… Why? Because there were still those naughty shit voices like “Who do You think You are to do this” and “Why would anyone do that Work with You” and now I’m saying to those voices “Go fuck Yo’Self!” Because those voices aren’t mine. And I’m well aware of how Awesome I am at this Work that i do. And I’ve seen the results. And I want more Women to have access to it!

Do You know something Sweet Pea? Those voices only sneak in when we don’t let our Infinite Self speak clearly. I wasn’t allowing my Infinite Self to express this because I’ve been so caught up in the nuts and bolts stuff of this business, with the marketing and databases and support teams and blah blah blah – that my Infinite, Cosmic Self was having difficulty Being heard over the mess of all that ‘proper’ stuff. But there’s nothing more proper than Who I Am at the very core of my Being – and what really drives me.

So I made this little story page to remind myself.

Cosmic Woman's Guide to Hearing the Infinite Self | Lunation

If You right click that picture and open it in a New Tab or New Window, You can save it for your desktop or phone screen as a reminder – or print it out if You want. The reason I’m sharing it is because I reckon You probably have some of those voices that need to be hushed too. And I want to encourage You to tell them to take a hike. Your voice is Perfect and lovely and just Right for You. That’s the One who really knows you and says things to the Mirror like : “I Love you” and “You look fucking HOT!” Leave all the other cranky, nasty, mean voices somewhere You’ll never visit again.

If You’re thinking – “I dunno about that lovey dovey voice Hollie – I’m not sure I have one of those” I can promise You that She is in there. She might just get talked over at the moment. You can find her if You really want to. You’ve got to really want the Change. And then when You’re ready, You’ll step up and your Infinite Self (that’s who She is You know – the one with the nice things to say) will shine.

So this is me, putting it out there, allowing it, stepping into the Work that makes my heart sing, more than any other. Because that’s the voice I’m listening to. It’s a constant progression. Each day She is louder – and even when I think there is no one there to talk over Her, I find them, and I evict them, and She gets even stronger. That’s the Work and Play of Individual Truth. Even when we know it, we still Work on it. Because we’re all here together Remembering our Whole and Infinite Self. It’s the Journey of Being Human. I’m so glad You’re on it with me!

If You want to go deeper with me, and jump into a Cosmic Breakthrough Session – like many other Women have before You (it just didn’t have such a snazzy name and pictures to go with it then) I invite You to check out the Cosmic Breakthrough Sessions page. Or, if you want to travel with yourSelf into your Individual Truth, check out the 13 Pathways to Individual Truth Programme. I just absolutely want to share this stuff with Women who are ready to get on with things and Be everything they can Be. Let’s do it!

Hollie B. | Indigo Mama and Awesome Wife | Lunation